The House

For the 100 homeless teens on the Western Slope, The House will be safe shelter and a place to re-focus their lives. At The House, teens will find hope, shelter, counseling and warmth.

John Mok-Lamme: 970.234.1810



Candlewood Community

At Candlewood Manufactured Housing Park, Karis houses nine families. Karis provides case management, and a local church ensures that one of the units houses a family that provides assistance and support to program participants. All participants have a saving program to help them transition out of the program in two years.

asset houseAsset House

The Asset House is comprised of 10 bedrooms, a common room and kitchen. Individuals in the program pay minimal rent and, in turn, receive a bedroom, food, and utilities. Karis provides a case manager who visits the facility weekly, a house mother who visits with cookies and food and a live-in house manager.

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