Best Practices and
Research-Based Programs

Since inception, Karis has worked with outside consultants and with Colorado Mesa University to design its programs and services in full consideration of quality research. Karis has also produced reports evaluating innovative solutions to homelessness such as housing first.


Karis works aggressively to ensure that programs continuously undergo rigorous evaluation. For example, the organization collects hard data on the progress participants make towards self-sufficiency and uses a clinical survey to measure the degree to which program participants move away from social isolation.




Karis is committed to leveraging its human and financial resources in the most efficient way possible. For example, at Candlewood, Karis often provides housing to families for under $10,000 per unit. At the Asset House, the program generates enough money to sustains itself.

Christian Presence

Karis program participants are often invited to attend discussion groups and services provided by local churches. However, program participants are never required to take part in any religious activities; they are completely optional.


Karis encourages program participants to participate in community activities and invites participants to build healthy connections with staff and others. Karis measures how connected to the community participants feel over the time they are in a given program.

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